Christina and family…

     Christina hired me to take some casual pictures of her family. Her little niece was a bit annoyed at being woken up from a nap, but the baby’s younger cousin got her smiling long enough for some fun shots. i’m always up for the challenge of capturing a hard to catch expression- and persistence never fails to pay off. Thanks to the family for working with me in such cold weather! [gallery]

Erin and Michael

I’ll be doing Erin and Michael’s wedding pictures in January, and the engagement session was a great chance to get to know the couple better and discover that they were great in front of the camera. 

I was also happy to discover, after swapping stories, that I’m not the only person who wanders around at 3AM in Joplin

 taking pictures… thanks for helping me feel a little less weird, Michael.

Ozark CC project

   As what is probably my biggest commercial project so far, I was hired by Ozark Christian College to help refresh their look and take pictures of the school for their stylish new website (to be released next Spring). They wanted something that tells a story and would help the younger audience connect more with the school when they happen upon the site… I was flattered that they chose me and happy to get the job.

   I made my first visit and captured some images of the extreme energy taking place during Ozark’s Ambassador’s rally. More images to come from this project as I finish my work here during

the next couple of months.

Megan, Jimmy and baby Jenna

My latest family shoot enabled me to take full advantage of the Carthage fall colors… about every corner of that town is a photogenic dream this time of year. We split up the shoot between central park and a relative’s backyard. I tried to capture the fun, gentle spirit of this little family and am very happy with the results. I hope Megan and Jimmy are as well!