VINYL series

     When I started this blog, I wasn’t entirely sure what it would end up looking like. Would it be for business purposes, a chance to show off new work to people interested in what I do? Or would it be personal, a chance for me to share a little about myself?

    I’ve decided it is personal. Sure, much of it is dedicated to new work, to portraits of clients and recent weddings I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. But since photography is a very personal thing for me, a big part of who I am, the work I’ve done with clients is often as personal as anything else about me. 

    So I’m going to keep it a pretty even mix… favorite pictures shared from special client sessions, as well as my thoughts, passions, and sometimes just what makes me laugh!


All that deep stuff being said, I’m going to share the first in a series- something that means something to me. Anyone close to me knows I love music; specifically, LP’s. Sure, I know that’s the hipster indie thing to do right now, the whole ‘going back to vinyl’ thing… but oh well, you can’t escape every label and I’ve been collecting these things forever. And I really do love those records!




So, Every week, I’m going to post a picture of and information about one of my favorites from my ever growing vinyl collection; some because they mean something to me personally, some because I just have a lot of respect for the music within those grooves. Hope you enjoy!



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