vinyl series, week 1: Louis Armstrong’s Hot 5

Album: Louis Armstrong’s Hot 5, vol. 2: ‘Album #18 in a series of reissues of the records that made Jazz history.’





This is probably the record I am most proud of owning. My all time favorite recording artist? As you guessed, it’s Louis Armstrong. The good old jazz from Satchmo’s period always puts me in a good mood; when I try to listen to new jazz, I just get really tense. Don’t ask me why. 

I have this LP because my grandma bought it for me at an auction about a year ago. She worked hard to outbid the other collectors with me in mind, and I’ll always appreciate it! The volume actually contains 4 discs– 78’s, the old clunky records that were about the same size as the newer ones (45’s) but had huge grooves that only contain one song per side. The 8 songs on the discs are from the 20’s and combine blues and jazz with the unmistakable New Orleans style that made Armstrong a big deal. With titles like ‘ Savoy Blues’, ‘Ory’s Creole Trambone’, and ‘the Frim Fram Sauce’, the volume is a blast. And how can you not love that cover?

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