rythm n’ brews, 2009

My apologies for this post, which contains probably way too many pictures for one post. I couldn’t help myself.

Every year, Community Support Services hosts a fundraiser known as “Rythm N’ Brews”- $20 gets you beer, food, and a show at the classy Gateway Creamery building. I volunteered the first couple of hours and then sat back (or more like ran around like crazy with a camera) to enjoy the bands; the talented John Brown and the Cougars and the (locally) famous Ben Miller Band. It was the Cougars’ last show and they went out on a great note (no pun intended). Here’s my ‘rock god’ shot of guitarist Antonio:


and then my favorite shot of frontman Zach Allen:


between performances, my friends and I goofed around with my off camera flash. Hence, the magical chip bowl.


Then came the Ben Miller Band. I’d heard only a bit from them before this, so this was my first time to see a whole show. They are simply fantastic… the kind of group you are amazed are not somewhere else and signed to a label.






The band generates an astounding amount of energy for a 3 piece group; regularly switching out instruments and building up an intense beat that slowly drove everyone in the venue to a dancing, kicking, hopping frenzy as the dance floor filled up with a very diverse crowd. I really tried to capture that energy in my quest to document the night, and I specifically focused on a couple of unlikely fans for some of my crowd shots, as you can see…




I ended the night with what is now one of my favorite recent photographs. I passed one of the suspender-wearing gentlemen who had been joyously dancing through the show on my way back home; and, after overcoming my own nervousness, I asked if he’d mind me snapping a picture of him exactly as he stood. He was simply waiting for a friend (whom he planned to direct back to the venue for the last leg of the concert) and said he wouldn’t mind… so here you have it.


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