Momentum 8 Grand opening


Last Thursday, Joplin proved just how much energy it is willing to pour into its’ quickly developing art and downtown scene. The ‘third thursday’ art walk event was a huge success, as many art galleries and other business were visited with an eager outpouring of people. There were bands in the park, at least 3 new galleries (all opened within the last month) ballroom and tango dancing, and much more to make for a very fun and exciting evening.


I spent most of the evening at the opening of ‘Momentum 8′ art gallery and boutique, which featured a 4 photographer show for its’ opening evening. I was one of those photographers and was honored to be a part of the opening of this shnazzy little studio, which I think came together beautifully after all the hard work that was put into it. Here are Jeff and Jesselynn, proud new owners of the studio:


The other 3 photographers included Nick Mack, who put together a colorful little series of artfully composed Diana shots, Glenn Landberg, photojournalist extraordinaire, who is, sadly, now living back in his home state of Idaho, and Beth Chambers, whose whimsical images were the perfect balance for the rest of the show.

Nick celebrating with his fiancee Ashley:


Glenn next to a couple of his favorite shots:


And, of course, yours truly, next to my photographs and lovely little family… (photo taken by Glenn Landberg)


Here’s Andy Nash, who played for the studio most of the evening:


To those of you who made it down for the show, thank you so much for coming. For those that didn’t, you can still see my work at momentum 8 at 809 main through the next 3 weeks or so; (regular hours are still being decided, but the gallery will most likely be open the last 2/3ds of the week from late morning to early evening), and also I encourage you to plan on making it out to the next third Thursday. Hope to see you then!!!

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