Ke’o and Rye

Ke’o and Rye became husband and wife yesterday; the first wedding I’ve taken pictures of since I officially went full time with my photography one week ago! I went into it with energy aplenty, and the couple showed their abundant patience by so readily going along with me on my crazy ideas. These two were very sweet and loved to laugh… thanks for letting me in on the big day, guys!!









Nick and Ashley

These pictures are my (early) wedding gift to two good friends of mine. Nick is British, and is, sadly, moving back to England in a couple of weeks. So we decided to get some fun engagement shots in while he was still in town! The two had been brainstorming like crazy to find the perfect location for some fun and unique pictures… and they landed on, much to my surprise, my house! So yes, the first few shots you see here are in my home. And yes, every prop shown is an actual item in my house… (and no furniture was actually moved for these). I’m a little old fashioned, I’ve been told…

The second part of our adventure involved scaling barb wire fences and convincing locals that we were just taking pictures, not stealing any cows (at least, I’m supposing that’s what they were afraid we might steal). The sunset was perfect and the hay bales were HUGE!!!

As a side note, my favorite thing about photographing Nick and Ashley might be the immense height difference. A great bonus for a photographer always looking for ways to introduce contrast!







Kim and Eric

Kimberly and Eric were married in Springfield, Missouri, and had a regular brady bunch wedding… for sure as much about the joining of families and the kids as it was about the happy union of this couple. Everything was very laid back and I had the opportunity to photograph a lot of energetic interactions from a lot of different ages! Thanks to the couple for letting me be there to take part in their wedding day.

As a side note, I found it pretty interesting that Kim and Eric originally met on… the same place I met my lovely wife!! I guess the internet isn’t as shady a place as people used to think it was.