Ke’o and Rye

Ke’o and Rye became husband and wife yesterday; the first wedding I’ve taken pictures of since I officially went full time with my photography one week ago! I went into it with energy aplenty, and the couple showed their abundant patience by so readily going along with me on my crazy ideas. These two were very sweet and loved to laugh… thanks for letting me in on the big day, guys!!










  1. Mark! I’m so excited for you to do our wedding pictures!!! I like what I see more and more everytime you add something.


  2. Mark, these are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection. Thank you so much for giving my sister and her new husband their beautiful memories 🙂

    – Nani

    • aww, thanks Nani! It was really fun working with you guys, I can’t wait to let you see the rest of them!

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