Harry Louis @ 6 months

Ok, I’m jumping the gun a week by saying he’s 6 months. But then again, he’s WEARING 9 month old clothes, so I don’t think it hurts to jump ahead just a little…

Harry has gotten to be humongous; now 20 lbs, readily equipped with a huge grin and already with an ornery twinkle in his eye. Especially when he gets bored, which becomes more and more frequently. My mother is, I’m sure, clapping her hands with glee at the justice of me having an ADD child like I was when I was little…

Not that you all have been rubbing your hands together in anticipation or anything, but sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted any new shots of the little tyke. Here’s my favorite recent pictures to show off his already larger than life personality…








  1. Incredible pics of an adorable baby!! I especially love the b & w tub shot–that ornery shines through! And–I’m not clapping with glee exactly…well…maybe a little glee.

  2. He has spectacular Mark! Absolutely wonderful, you can just see such personality in him! He is adorable, you should be so proud

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