Matt & Amber

I’d like to introduce you to the very newly engaged Matt and Amber. Matt is a very talented graphic designer who, like me, is throwing down some roots in Joplin and planning to stick around to contribute to the ever growing group of visual creatives in the area. You can check out his site by clicking (here). It was a pleasure to work with a graphic designer as a client for the third time this year… I feel pretty flattered to be chosen by other creative professionals as their photographer!

My good friend Colby Williams followed along for part of the shoot to document me ‘in action’ for an upcoming video I’ll be putting up on the main site (hence the first photo). Stay tuned to see the video as soon as it’s finished!








  1. These are amazing pictures! The colors are so vibrant and gorgeous. I love it! Plus, Matt and Amber are pretty fantastic too. 🙂

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