Logan is a senior at Webb City High, and a proud member of the band there. I’d be proud too… they’re going to the Rose bowl this year, which is no small thing. Logan is a huge jazz fan and I tried to give him sort of a jazz feel for some of these senior pictures. I think they went well with his personality. Logan, I was more than happy to have you as my first guy (senior) of the season!!








  1. Oh my word! I’m so proud of you. I can’t believe you are a senior. It must make your mom feel so old. Ha! Ha! Great job Logan. I know you make her proud.

  2. What a hottie…ok…so I am related…I guess now would be a good time for me to tell you this….you were suppose to be my son but Kristen would not give you up…I can see why! The world is your oyster-seize the moment!

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