whiskerino 09′

Well, it’s here… whiskerino, 2009- final edition. To those of you who aren’t familiar with whiskerino, it is a 4 month, international beard growing competition that takes place every 2 years. Participants shave their facial hair on November 1st, then cannot shave or trim again until February 28th. This results in some pretty ginormous beards by the end. Mine only becomes slightly amish in appearance by March.

I know this all sounds ridiculous. And… well, it really is. But it’s not really about how big your beard is… it’s about the creativity and camaraderie amongst the members, many of whom are photographers, graphic designers, and other assorted artists who use this online competition as a creative outlet, to often impressive and/or hilarious results. See examples by looking over the daily winners from the 2007 edition, by clicking (here). To visit this year’s site, check out http://www.whiskerino.org/2009 and check back every now and again.

Here I am, halfway through the shaving process…


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