baby Megan

One reason I love taking pictures of little kids? They’re about 10 times more expressive than an adult. Whereas adults know ‘smile for the camera’ or ‘look serious’ and have trouble with much more than that (my face freezes up in front of the lens just like anybody else), kids don’t pose for you or make any pretense at all about showing what they’re really feeling. This leads to some very authentic and often hilarious expressions.

so it’s not that I don’t enjoy shooting adults; but I will say that there’s something refreshing, as a photographer, about getting down on a baby’s level and seeing how many expressions you can catch!

And I open up this batch of photographs with baby Megan’s perfect ‘what do you think YOU’RE doing?’ face…

One comment

  1. Mark – Thanks for capturing “NutMegs” personality just as you did with her older sister “EmmaJoJemma” a few years back. And the “look”….we get that look ALL the time (I wonder what she is actually thinking when giving us the “look”?) I’m so glad you got that shot.

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