As most of you that have frequented this blog (all 2 of you) might notice, my usual fare tends to be weddings, family, kids, seniors, and that sort of thing. I was recently approached for something a little different… and here it is! Nekisha was a joy to work with and pushed me to bring out that ‘edginess’ and give her some modeling pictures with attitude. She brought in her own ideas and helped with the locations, which is always appreciated and makes the shoot that much more personal. She was a beautiful subject and I certainly hope these pictures help bring her a very successful modeling career.

Thanks Nekisha!

Tessa and people she’s related to….

Remember Tessa? Well she’s back… or rather, I came back, to good ol Nevada Missouri to meet the whole family! Guess she’s used to me by now; she didn’t mind being front and center for some of the shots (the first shown here, especially) and got a lot of teasing from both me and the family. It was a lot of fun working with the parents and grandparents. They’re a very likable family, all around!