the VAC

The last few months have been very productive regarding the art scene in Joplin. Art scene? In Joplin? Yeah, I know this sounds a bit hard to believe… but believe me, it’s really happening. I’m finding myself in the midst of some new developments that have gotten me pretty excited… and I plan to keep you all updated as they continue!

The biggest recent development for me has been the forming of a new artist group known as the Visual Artist Collective. I am a member, along with graphic designer Matthew Spiel and gallery owner Jeff Youngblood, both of whom have been working hard on contributing to downtown artistic development. The group has been meeting monthly and adding new members since late last fall, existing to ‘promote, encourage and cultivate the arts within the greater Joplin area.’ You can check out more by visiting the visual artist collective main site here.

The VAC was given a booth in the Joplin Business expo this week, which definitely kept us busy. We threw together what we liked to call our ‘budget booth’, creating a display that we hoped would catch some attention. It did! We networked and got some great exposure. here’s a couple of shots.

Who knows what else might happen this year, Joplin-ites. Stay tuned for more news and get geared up for the third thursday downtown art walks, scheduled to start up again in March. And if you’re an artist or if you know one… grab your portfolio and join us at Momentum 8 art gallery (809 Main) for our monthly artist social, the first Tuesday of each month at 8pm.

Baby Oliver- session 3

This is little Oliver’s 3rd session with me… and sure enough, he has triple the personality that he did the first time I met him. This was the first opportunity we had to do the entire shoot outdoors, so taking advantage of what was a pretty warm day for January, we went to the park. Timing the shoot close to naptime brought out the full spectrum of emotions, so there’s quite a variety of faces going on!

Betsy, Levi & Laila!

Some of my favorite clients Levi and Betsy are back again- but this time there’s someone new. Meet Laila, 9art’s 2nd participant in the ‘baby’s 1st year’ program. click here for more info). Laila is quite the cutie, eh? She’ll be back in the Spring… it’s a lot of fun watching these babies grow up.

happy (late) holidays

Well, hello there folks. It’s been awhile. I didn’t mean to be rude in not wishing you both a merry christmas and a happy new year… but well, I’ve been spending the time relaxing and enjoying family. I know it’s a little late, but happy holiday madness…. I hope you had a good one!

Here’s a few shots for you of my little man enjoying his first Christmas. He’ll be 1 in two weeks time… can’t hardly believe it.

PS…. there’s a lot of snow left. It’s not melting. There’s supposed to be more to come. I think it would be incredibly fun to do some sessions in the snow. If you’d like some snow pictures, give me a call (417.622.1379) or email me ( this week to set up a session while the white stuff is still here. If you do, the sitting fee is on me!! (NO sitting fee. Maybe that’ll help you brave the cold).