Hello Destroyers!

Well hello, all! And say hello to… Hello Destroyers. This organization was founded late last year, featuring some pretty cool products (you know, t-shirts, stickers, that sorta thing) with some sweet designs and a mind for charity. I’m a fan for the following 3 reasons:
1). Hello Destroyers donates (at least) 10% of their profits to charities (such as local based Rapha House and Mwaganza).
2). The organization is all about creating a community of artists, something I’m all about myself.
3). A general love for robots. That’s always good.

Along with several other local artists and bands, I’ve partnered with Hello Destroyers. You can check out my little section here , but of course first you should check out the site as a whole… hellodestroyers.com.

Here’s me peddling a bit of the merchandising… this spiffy t-shirt designed by Biaka over at HD. Fun collaborations between Hello Destroyers and 9art to be seen in coming months!