model shoot w/ eyeworks and co

You know well by now that I am not a model photographer by trade. I recently got a little more experience with shooting models, however, with a little photographers’ get-together hosted by the extremely talented Brian DeMint of eyeworks photography. Brian has become a friend and also works out of Joplin. I’m still blown away by his amazing potfolio of artistic model images.

Brian, me, and fellow local photographers Josh Carter & Kelsey Sanders talked shop and took our turns taking pictures of the lovely models (Heather and Jeniffer) in Brian’s studio. It was really fun meeting the group, as well as Brian’s equally talented wife Dena, the brains behind the makeup and wardrobe. Thanks to the models for letting us work with them, to Brian for letting us hang out in his studio, to Dena for the makeup, and to Josh for letting us play with his ringlight, a very fun toy that I definitely plan to put on my ‘to buy’ list later down the line!

The shots in this post are a mix of candids (Josh playing with Brian’s studio props, Brian shooting, and one of the models at the makeup table- I can’t do a shoot without a little of the journalist in me surfacing) and the more ‘serious’ shots I got of the models. Different, but fun!

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  1. Great shots brother… thanks for coming… had a blast and learned a lot of new crap… appreciate your participation and looking forward to round 2! thanks for posing the pics… they look amazing! …and sincere thanks for the kind words…


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