The Fishers

This shoot was especially…special… (is that redundant?) to me, as this family is in fact family to me. Tricia is my cousin and I have a lot of fun remembering hanging out with her and our other cousins. We were the two loud blonde kids that looked like siblings. I was probably the loudest of the two.

And here we are a couple of decades later… with me shooting pictures of her kids. Her and husband Brady are in the midst of raising some children every bit as loud as we were, but probably a lot funnier. And it’s shoots like this that really make me think about the way I shoot, especially when it comes to families.

Sure, we could have taken the traditional studio approach- but I feel like it wouldn’t really capture the spirit of these very fun kids. And there’s always the internal debate, especially when there’s fast moving kids involved… do I use that kid sized attention span window of time to try to get perfect everyone-looking-at-the-camera and perfectly positioned shots, or do I take the approach to simply catch the mood and get real reactions? I suppose the ideal is somewhere in the middle. For now, I’m focusing on catching the moments. Perfect example is the amusing first shot… the family picture where everyone is just kind of doing their own thing (protecting trucks, eating a banana, yelling for no apparent reason). And I think that in this case, that worked out just fine.

Harry Louis: 15 months.

There are two things this weekend that made me feel like I’d discovered photography all over again; a new wide angle lens (tokina 11-16mm 2.8, for you techies out there) and a toddler in a new pair of rain boots. All the shots below save two were taken with the new lens.

This is my little guy, now full in that go-go-go exploration phase and more challenging to take a picture of than ever… but in a good way.

New model shots

Well here I am again, dabbling in modeling photography… I’m sure my family/wedding/seniors audience is thoroughly confused by now. Got together again with Brian of Eyeworks photography and Kelsey of Inspiration photography for a little casual model shoot, and had the pleasure of working with Lauren, a real natural who posed in a few random spots outside of Brian’s studio. As well as inside the studio while her hair was being done… Mt. Dew ad, perhaps?


The rain held off today, and boy was I glad. Karen came in from Verona to do senior pictures this morning, and we only had a few sprinkles to deal with. Karen was pretty adventurous- having a subject that is willing to climb into cans and randomly jump around always makes my day- and I feel like it really paid off. Thanks so much to Karen for traveling to Joplin to do the shoot and for just being so fun!

Nikki & Ryan

My newest wedding was here in Joplin, and it was gorgeous. Nikki & Ryan were very down-to-earth and easy to work with, and I captured a lot of very fun candids that I just (sadly) didn’t have room to show here. I definitely wanted to show off some of my favorite elements though… including the amazing veil, the beautiful church, the bouquet, the shoes, a kiss at sunset and one hilariously moody little girl.

Venturella family

Christina Venturella has been one of my biggest supporters for awhile now (don’t worry Tabetha Meadows, she won’t knock you out of your 9art PR person slot), ever since I did some shots of her little boy Roman a year or so ago. This time we got Christina and husband/dad DJ in on the fun and got some sunny-day family pictures at gorgeous Cunningham park. Roman was quite excited and on the run, so while it was a workout keeping up with his almost-3-year-old energy level, it was certainly well worth it. Enjoy!


I’ve really been pushing myself this year to be as creative as possible with every shoot I do. I’m no art director or trained fashion photographer or anything of the sort, but I’ve been pretty excited about running with new ideas and getting more creative with equipment. I think both the senior shoots on the blog this week are perfect examples.

I knew I could be spontaneous and try some crazy things out on Levi, as I’d worked with him before doing pictures for his whole family. (see here) We did some exploring and took advantage of the surreal nature of an abandoned area where wild vines and fallen trees were battling graffiti and a decrepit basketball court. Topped things off with a few shots downtown and got a pretty fun mix. Let me know what you think!


Haily is a unique and artistic girl with a lot of beauty and a pretty cool family. Of course I would say the family is cool… mom, dad, and sister Lindsey were all there helping hold reflectors and light stands in the insane hurricane-force winds. Well, the wind felt that strong at the time anyway. I promise.

Thanks goes out again to the family for serving as my ‘assistants’ and to Hailey for being a great model and sharing my love for art and indie music.

Happy (belated) Easter

Having a 1 year old definitely rekindles the fun in Easter morning. I don’t know about you, but Easter egg hunts don’t hold the same excitement for me now that I’m an adult… and I don’t get my own basket anymore. I was afraid I’d have to go buy my own chocolate bunny, but fortunately my wife saved me from that sad task and bought one for me.

Harry is just over 14 months old now, and is juuuuuust old enough to begin to grasp the goodness of Easter candy, though not quite old enough to grasp the importance of the Easter suit. Oh well.

Hope you had a great Easter, all. Here’s a few shots from mine. (2nd baby pictured is Harry’s good friend, Finley).