Happy (belated) Easter

Having a 1 year old definitely rekindles the fun in Easter morning. I don’t know about you, but Easter egg hunts don’t hold the same excitement for me now that I’m an adult… and I don’t get my own basket anymore. I was afraid I’d have to go buy my own chocolate bunny, but fortunately my wife saved me from that sad task and bought one for me.

Harry is just over 14 months old now, and is juuuuuust old enough to begin to grasp the goodness of Easter candy, though not quite old enough to grasp the importance of the Easter suit. Oh well.

Hope you had a great Easter, all. Here’s a few shots from mine. (2nd baby pictured is Harry’s good friend, Finley).


  1. Awwwww! I really like the one second to last, he looks like a businessman getting ready to seal some deals.
    Hiding the eggs is pretty fun, but not quite the same as finding them when you’re 14 months old.

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