Haily is a unique and artistic girl with a lot of beauty and a pretty cool family. Of course I would say the family is cool… mom, dad, and sister Lindsey were all there helping hold reflectors and light stands in the insane hurricane-force winds. Well, the wind felt that strong at the time anyway. I promise.

Thanks goes out again to the family for serving as my ‘assistants’ and to Hailey for being a great model and sharing my love for art and indie music.


    • Thanks for the compliment! Are you referring to equipment in your question? If so, I use a Nikon D300 and a speedlight/umbrella, as well as reflector for some pictures.

  1. Yes, i was asking for your equipement (sorry my english is not so good)… As you i like taking portrait, but i’m really a beginner. it’s great to have some advice!!!

    I’d like to have more control on the light sometime.
    Was it easy for you to begin with the speedlight and umbrella?

    • It’s not too hard to learn the speedlight & umbrella, as long as you already understand the basics of your camera (shutter speed, ISO, aperture, working in manual). I highly reccomend visiting strobist.com if you haven’t already. They have great advice on how to have better control of lighting use inexpensive off camera flash, as well as what equipment is good to buy.

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