The Fishers

This shoot was especially…special… (is that redundant?) to me, as this family is in fact family to me. Tricia is my cousin and I have a lot of fun remembering hanging out with her and our other cousins. We were the two loud blonde kids that looked like siblings. I was probably the loudest of the two.

And here we are a couple of decades later… with me shooting pictures of her kids. Her and husband Brady are in the midst of raising some children every bit as loud as we were, but probably a lot funnier. And it’s shoots like this that really make me think about the way I shoot, especially when it comes to families.

Sure, we could have taken the traditional studio approach- but I feel like it wouldn’t really capture the spirit of these very fun kids. And there’s always the internal debate, especially when there’s fast moving kids involved… do I use that kid sized attention span window of time to try to get perfect everyone-looking-at-the-camera and perfectly positioned shots, or do I take the approach to simply catch the mood and get real reactions? I suppose the ideal is somewhere in the middle. For now, I’m focusing on catching the moments. Perfect example is the amusing first shot… the family picture where everyone is just kind of doing their own thing (protecting trucks, eating a banana, yelling for no apparent reason). And I think that in this case, that worked out just fine.

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