Emily & Matt

Emily & Matt are one of those couples that I feel like I’ve known forever. We even cha-cha’d alongside eachother last year while they and my wife and I were coincidentally both enrolled in the ‘tanglefooters dance club’. Given my coordination, the cha-cha-ing only lasted so long, but it was still fun. The couple has an excellent sense of humor and things flowed along well during the wedding day as they joked about my ghetto broken flash umbrella (it met its’ last day that day) and managed to be themselves even through the usual wedding day stress.

These two also made me very happy by choosing the most beautiful spots for their day- they were married at St Peters’ church here in Joplin, then had their reception at the Ramsey downtown later in the day. This is not to mention the freshly restored 67′ pick-up that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of.

Congratulations to the happy couple as they enjoy a honeymoon in sunny Florida.


After a lot of time being spent shooting in town lately, it was refreshing to get out of the city and head out to the country with Jessie, a 2010 senior whose passion is dance. Jessie proved to be a beautiful subject, instantly at home in her ballroom outfit and standing out against a stunning sky in her prom dress. I liked that sky so well, in fact, that I included TWO shots from that segment of the shoot.

Because it’s my blog. And I can do that. 🙂

2010 senior- photographed in Joplin Missouri by 9art photography

Bryan & Lindsay

The world can welcome Bryan & Lindsay as a married couple later this year…. in the meanwhile, here’s some engagement pictures of this sweet, dog loving couple!

Oliver, session 4

Oliver is on the verge of graduating from 9art’s ‘baby’s 1st year plan’- this has been a lot of fun. (check back through the archives or flip through the ‘family & kids’ section on the blog to see past shoots with Oliver). Oliver is almost a year old- just another month to go- and has become a good friend to my own little boy, Harry. I never realized that babies had friends. Well, they do. It’s pretty cute.

Here’s a few samples from our sunny evening at the park. Happy almost-birthday, Ollie!


Eli is the guy that people respond to with ‘wait, what? I didn’t realize you’re young enough to still be in highschool!’ At least, that’s what I said when he asked me to do his senior portraits. I’d met him a time or two in the past, and know that most of those that have heard the name Eli Yokley know it from Eli’s work running thefusejoplin.com, a political news website for the greater Joplin area that now generates 30,000 hits a month. Pretty ambitious work for a highschooler….

Eli and I had a great shoot split up over last night and today, during which I happily obliged his requests- something at night, something on a roof, and lots of downtown architecture. I’m proud to show off some of my first night portrait photography (more experimentation to come in future months, that is if anyone else volunteers to be in a night shoot!), and some wide angle shots with my beautiful new Tokina lens that almost make little ol’ Joplin, Missouri feel like the big city. I’m a kid with a new toy, all the way.

And then a little ‘behind the scenes’ picture of Eli keeping my flash stand/umbrella from blowing over between takes… one of these days I’m going to have to hire an assistant… thanks Eli! 🙂