Eli is the guy that people respond to with ‘wait, what? I didn’t realize you’re young enough to still be in highschool!’ At least, that’s what I said when he asked me to do his senior portraits. I’d met him a time or two in the past, and know that most of those that have heard the name Eli Yokley know it from Eli’s work running thefusejoplin.com, a political news website for the greater Joplin area that now generates 30,000 hits a month. Pretty ambitious work for a highschooler….

Eli and I had a great shoot split up over last night and today, during which I happily obliged his requests- something at night, something on a roof, and lots of downtown architecture. I’m proud to show off some of my first night portrait photography (more experimentation to come in future months, that is if anyone else volunteers to be in a night shoot!), and some wide angle shots with my beautiful new Tokina lens that almost make little ol’ Joplin, Missouri feel like the big city. I’m a kid with a new toy, all the way.

And then a little ‘behind the scenes’ picture of Eli keeping my flash stand/umbrella from blowing over between takes… one of these days I’m going to have to hire an assistant… thanks Eli! 🙂


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