Emily & Matt

Emily & Matt are one of those couples that I feel like I’ve known forever. We even cha-cha’d alongside eachother last year while they and my wife and I were coincidentally both enrolled in the ‘tanglefooters dance club’. Given my coordination, the cha-cha-ing only lasted so long, but it was still fun. The couple has an excellent sense of humor and things flowed along well during the wedding day as they joked about my ghetto broken flash umbrella (it met its’ last day that day) and managed to be themselves even through the usual wedding day stress.

These two also made me very happy by choosing the most beautiful spots for their day- they were married at St Peters’ church here in Joplin, then had their reception at the Ramsey downtown later in the day. This is not to mention the freshly restored 67′ pick-up that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of.

Congratulations to the happy couple as they enjoy a honeymoon in sunny Florida.

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