baby Ava

Meet baby Ava, who, as her mom will tell you anyway, is destined to be the future wife of my son Harry. There’s pretty much no question in her mind, and it didn’t help the argument against this predetermined plan when I showed these pictures to Harry and he started kissing my camera screen. Ah well, who am I to argue with destiny?

These pictures have been anticipated with much excitement (I’ve known Ava’s mom Michelle for quite some time) by everyone involved, and this cozy in-home shoot was just what I needed this week. Jakob & Michelle’s apartment was the perfect backdrop- I’m a sucker for record players & retro furniture- and Ava was in a great mood. This is just the kind of shoot that reminds me why I love this job.

Cassandra and Geoff

I think this picture might go on the ‘about’ page of my site as a self portrait, at the suggestion of my wife. 🙂

Cassandra & Geoff got married right here in Joplin this past Saturday. Between Geoff being in the military & Cassandra having been in highschool until her graduation a month or two back, these two had a lot to work through to get this wedding planned- but it all came together absolutely beautifully. I had a LOT of fun at this wedding, taking pictures of great people in great locations. What really made this wedding a breeze (figuratively- literally, it was actually pretty stinkin’ hot that day-) was the help of my friend Oscar, who tagged along to assist & watch me at work. This was my first time with an ‘assistant’ (you can tell I’m still not used to it, hence my use of quotation marks) and dare I say it, an assistant sure made things easier. Thanks so much to Oscar for manuvering my umbrella and carrying equipment all day in the heat, and thanks to the very gracious couple & family.

Nicky & Brian (engagement)

My second home shoot within a week… and I’m pretty dang happy about it. You can dig up the most amazing backgrounds Joplin Missouri (or any other town) has to offer, but when it comes down to it, some other photographer (or 50 others) has already been there. In my eyes, there’s nothing that beats doing a photo shoot in a family or couple’s home to inject the pictures with beautiful honesty & personality.

Speaking of personality… meet Nicky & Brian, who certainly have a lot of it. I daresay they’re nearly as goofy as I am, so we got along pretty much instantly for a relaxed shoot in and around their house. They love to laugh and certainly love each-other a lot… I can’t wait for the wedding, come October 9th.

Tony & Angel

I visited Tony & Angel at their home for this shoot that celebrated their two year anniversary. Tony pulled out his record collection, and I confess that I am still a little jealous. I’m also jealous of the fact that his turntable works whereas mine does not at the moment. But enough with the jealousy…

We chatted a bit, had some iced tea and then I got to shooting with a little She & Him, Ray Charles, and Beatles for our soundtrack. I felt a bit spoiled. Then we headed outside, lugging Tony’s drum set with us, finishing out the shoot in the Otero’s own back yard. It was truly a lot of fun… thanks to this kind couple for their hospitality and for bearing with me each time I took forever to perfect the lighting.

PS- you all have seen my work for local organization Rapha House… well Tony has also donated his time to Rapha with his graphic design work (if you’ve been into the Rapha house base on main street, you’ve seen it). Now wish these two well and maybe say a little prayer for them as they prepare to take a trip into Cambodia for the organization later this year!