Tony & Angel

I visited Tony & Angel at their home for this shoot that celebrated their two year anniversary. Tony pulled out his record collection, and I confess that I am still a little jealous. I’m also jealous of the fact that his turntable works whereas mine does not at the moment. But enough with the jealousy…

We chatted a bit, had some iced tea and then I got to shooting with a little She & Him, Ray Charles, and Beatles for our soundtrack. I felt a bit spoiled. Then we headed outside, lugging Tony’s drum set with us, finishing out the shoot in the Otero’s own back yard. It was truly a lot of fun… thanks to this kind couple for their hospitality and for bearing with me each time I took forever to perfect the lighting.

PS- you all have seen my work for local organization Rapha House… well Tony has also donated his time to Rapha with his graphic design work (if you’ve been into the Rapha house base on main street, you’ve seen it). Now wish these two well and maybe say a little prayer for them as they prepare to take a trip into Cambodia for the organization later this year!

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