baby Ava

Meet baby Ava, who, as her mom will tell you anyway, is destined to be the future wife of my son Harry. There’s pretty much no question in her mind, and it didn’t help the argument against this predetermined plan when I showed these pictures to Harry and he started kissing my camera screen. Ah well, who am I to argue with destiny?

These pictures have been anticipated with much excitement (I’ve known Ava’s mom Michelle for quite some time) by everyone involved, and this cozy in-home shoot was just what I needed this week. Jakob & Michelle’s apartment was the perfect backdrop- I’m a sucker for record players & retro furniture- and Ava was in a great mood. This is just the kind of shoot that reminds me why I love this job.


  1. These are awesome pics! I love Ava dearly, but I would have fell in love with these pics even if I wasn’t related to her.

    You do excellent work! These are adorable!

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