Baby Laila, session 2

How do you get the baby to look at the camera? Here’s trick #1. the finger snap. Parents typically expect you to take the picture after their hands are back to their original position, however. (that’s a note to self).

Baby Laila is back! ‘Nuff said… just look how ridiculously cute this kid is.

Melissa & Dustin

This was a wedding made up of many great little moments; laughing, crying, and huge love. And honestly the best wedding performance I’ve probably ever heard- the groom’s heartfelt and surprising version of ‘can’t help falling in love’ might also double as the best elvis impression ever- and all this is not to mention some of the funkiest dancing that I’ve seen take place at a reception. Folks, you know how to throw a party- and readers, you can check into my FB page soon (here), become fans by ‘liking’ the page and take a closer look at those moments captured through-out the day.

Sarah & Aaron: waiting for Olivia

I drove up to Springfield yesterday to meet Sarah & Aaron, and quickly discovered they’re one of those couples I feel like I’ve already known forever. We certainly know enough of the same people… Sarah is friends with Nikki & Ryan whose wedding I shot this spring, as well as Betsy & Levi, whose beautiful baby I took pictures of a few months ago and will be taking pictures of again this coming week.

This down to earth (and very funny) couple have been preparing like mad for little Olivia- check out the awesome nursery- and they, as well as me, are also very excited about the baby’s 1st year plan that Olivia will be a part of. Tune in for more pictures in September with the new addition!

Bennett at play

Meet Bennett. While some might say that 18 months is hard age to get good pictures of, things flowed pretty easily for me during this shoot… and that probably has something to do with me having a son the exact same age at home. 🙂 I certainly get my exercise on photo shoots like this one, but it’s all well worth it.

Bennett is one sharp little guy. We hung out at his grandparents house where there is an abundance of tractors and mowers, two things that Bennett absolutely LOVES… not to mention a couple little trucks of his own.