Jenna and Kris

With a recent vacation and all the craziness I’ve had getting a studio space fixed up (I haven’t mentioned that on here yet, have I?), I haven’t had as much time lately as I’d like for actual photo shoots- pretty ironic I suppose. Last night’s engagement session got my creative juices flowing again though, as I was inspired by this very easygoing couple as my subjects and I had the absolute perfect time of day to work with, lighting wise.

Lighting was really my focus here even more than usual- I did some playing around for an extra ‘dramatic’ feel with a sparing use of light. I was pretty happy with the results. Ok, super happy, actually. But if you don’t like it, you can sure tell me.

Jenna and Kris, our lovely couple, become a couple in April and plan to marry in October. I told them they beat my wife and I’s meet-to-marry timeline (we met in April and married in December 6 years ago). That’s pretty impressive, seeing how fast we moved. But when you’re in love, might was well get things rolling, eh? 🙂

Limner exhibit

So I’m a little late posting these considering the show was nearly a week ago, but better late than never, right? Pictured below are the 3 photographs I had the honor of displaying in the Limner Society opening exhibit here in Joplin for the 3D Thursday art walk.

Who are the Limner society? They are a group of Christian artists who travel from city to city (generally much larger cities, mind you), setting up a space in each city for a 1-2 week period and creating art for nearly that entire duration in collaboration with local artists. These guys (and girls) know their stuff and also enjoy challenging the idea of ‘christian art’; by creating meaningful, modern, artistically professional work that is from a Christian perspective without being strictly- well, what most people think of when they think of ‘christian art’. You can find out more here.

One of my favorite things about this project is it got me out shooting something for the fun of it, which I really needed. And my mini-series of artists as superheroes (featuring a couple of my fellow artists who also had displays in the exhibit) was SO fun to take that I’m not stopping it here.

So consider this post an open call; if you are an artist or know of an artist that would be interested in being in this series (cape and all), I would LOVE to hear from you. Now stay posted for more announcements in this vein….

The best part of


From the same day as my last post, some pictures of the ever adorable Finley (+ family). Geez. This kid is growing up way too fast….

my hobby

You want to know what a photographer does as a hobby, after taking pictures all week.

He still takes pictures.

they’re just much more ridiculous.

If you have time to spare, you can read my subject’s review of the lawn more pictured here on Hello Destroyer’s website. Just scroll down a bit to find it once you’ve clicked the link.