Jenna and Kris

With a recent vacation and all the craziness I’ve had getting a studio space fixed up (I haven’t mentioned that on here yet, have I?), I haven’t had as much time lately as I’d like for actual photo shoots- pretty ironic I suppose. Last night’s engagement session got my creative juices flowing again though, as I was inspired by this very easygoing couple as my subjects and I had the absolute perfect time of day to work with, lighting wise.

Lighting was really my focus here even more than usual- I did some playing around for an extra ‘dramatic’ feel with a sparing use of light. I was pretty happy with the results. Ok, super happy, actually. But if you don’t like it, you can sure tell me.

Jenna and Kris, our lovely couple, become a couple in April and plan to marry in October. I told them they beat my wife and I’s meet-to-marry timeline (we met in April and married in December 6 years ago). That’s pretty impressive, seeing how fast we moved. But when you’re in love, might was well get things rolling, eh? 🙂

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