Bryan + Lindsay, sept 25, 2010

      The wedding day is finally here for Lindsay & Bryan! Think there’s no sweet locations for wedding pictures in little ol’ Girard, KS? Well you’d be wrong. Just around the corner from the beautiful church that held the ceremony was the old co-op which looked simply epic with a raging sky behind and the towering silos. The blog shots here are dedicated more to the ‘posey’ shots than usual, but fear not, you can take a look at the candid moments by checking out the facebook page here in the next few days. To Bryan and Lindsay… congratulations, you guys. What a fun wedding!


Well guys… after a lovely 2-year run on WordPress, it’s time to find the blog a new home. No offense wordpress, but we’ve moved to tumblr so we can use a sleek new template with more color and BIGGER pictures! It ties in much better to our main site as well. So this is the last post here… from now on, visit:

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Reynolds family

     (Re)meet the Reynolds family! This fun packed family hired me on over a year ago to do family pictures, and have since moved to tulsa… and when they invited me to their new hometown for another session, I happily went! 

     The star of this bunch is, of course, little Jaxon, who is not as little as he was last time I saw him. While it was quite a challenge to keep up with him as he covered the playground, it was a joy to capture his incredible energy. Check out some of these expressions.



studio opening


    Well here comes a pretty big deal for me… an actual studio. I can’t believe I’m seriously opening a studio, and, however hard to find and not-quite-glamorous, it’s a physical business presence for 9art photography and that’s exciting enough. 

    The official grand opening will take place tomorrow at 5:30 for the downtown Joplin art walk. To celebrate the opening, I’ll be taking free superhero portraits from 5:30 to 8… anyone that walks through the door is welcome to participate. I have costumes here but of course if you want to bring your own, then kudos to you!

     Finding the new studio is the tricky part; while we’re in  the perfect spot in downtown Joplin, we’re not in the perfect spot within the building itself! This should get you there though:

          The address is 508 s main.

          We are in the northwest corner of the long strip of buildings that contains ‘mystery church’, ‘hackett’s hot wings’, ‘Upstairs boutique’ & ‘health solutions’. 

           To get to the studio, you will walk around to the BACK of the building (from 5th & main) to almost directly behind health solutions- this is the side facing the large parking lot & the bar district on joplin street. From there, just follow the signs & you’ll be here enjoying donuts & drinks, the cool new space, some shnazzy new prints adorning the walls, & your free superhero portrait (later to be posted in a facebook gallery).

           Can’t wait to see you there!

John & Christina

     Yep. Same guy…. different weddings. I love when I get weddings from the referrals of pre-existing clients, because it means I start running into the same people. Such was the case with the colorful character you see here, who has now challenged me to a camera duel not once but twice this year. (hard to say who won. You would have to have been there).

       Now meet the folks for whom this day was really about… John and Christina. This very sweet couple tied the knot right here in Joplin on Friday, and I’m so honored to have been there for it. Congratulations to the mr & mrs!!



    Welcome, everybody, to the brand new blog!! It was time for a fresh look that ties in better to the main site- one step of many in an exciting series of updates for 9art photography. Well, I’m excited anyway. 

     To kick things off (pun shamefully intended) here’s my feet. They sneak into the shot sometimes.


An exciting post for the following reason… it’s the first shoot to be done (partially) in the new studio!! Much thanks to senior Hilary and her mom Kathryn for looking past the clutter of the not quite ready studio-in-progress and seeing the ‘cool’ beneath.

All shots in this post are either in or near the new location. Want to see it yourself?? Then be sure to turn up for next week’s downtown Joplin art walk on the 16th and come on around to the back of 509 s main (west side of the health solutions/hacket’s hott wings building) and follow the signs for the official studio opening! Fun events for the evening will be announced soon… in the meanwhile enjoy the first of a new season of senior pictures!