studio opening


    Well here comes a pretty big deal for me… an actual studio. I can’t believe I’m seriously opening a studio, and, however hard to find and not-quite-glamorous, it’s a physical business presence for 9art photography and that’s exciting enough. 

    The official grand opening will take place tomorrow at 5:30 for the downtown Joplin art walk. To celebrate the opening, I’ll be taking free superhero portraits from 5:30 to 8… anyone that walks through the door is welcome to participate. I have costumes here but of course if you want to bring your own, then kudos to you!

     Finding the new studio is the tricky part; while we’re in  the perfect spot in downtown Joplin, we’re not in the perfect spot within the building itself! This should get you there though:

          The address is 508 s main.

          We are in the northwest corner of the long strip of buildings that contains ‘mystery church’, ‘hackett’s hot wings’, ‘Upstairs boutique’ & ‘health solutions’. 

           To get to the studio, you will walk around to the BACK of the building (from 5th & main) to almost directly behind health solutions- this is the side facing the large parking lot & the bar district on joplin street. From there, just follow the signs & you’ll be here enjoying donuts & drinks, the cool new space, some shnazzy new prints adorning the walls, & your free superhero portrait (later to be posted in a facebook gallery).

           Can’t wait to see you there!

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