You’ve been seeing a lot of families lately… how about a senior? Morgan kicks off this senior season very nicely with a beautiful smile and some very cool locations in the Galena, KS area. I haven’t yet done a senior session with someone standing in a hollow tree or posing with their nephew… kudos to Morgan & mom Brenda for some great ideas and a willingness to hike through woods & water to get some really fun shots!


the Godbersens

     The last session from my family-shoot-filled weekend before last… better late posting than never, right? 

      This is a shoot that has been in the works for a couple of months now, and I was very excited to do it. Scott, Desireee, Kaleb & Kaylin came to me for more than just a family shoot… they also wanted some awesome, large format canvas wraps to be able to hang in Scott’s chiropractic office in Neosho that will soon be undergoing some remodeling. So these folks thought, why not do a two in one shoot and take family pictures that will also tie into the ‘wellness’ philosophy behind chiropractic? 

       It was an awesome challenge and a fun day (despite working around the 57 other photographers also wandering around Big Spring Park in Neosho, haha!) as we collaborated on the project and caught some really fun images of the family being active and having a good time.  I’ll let you know when the wraps are hanging in the office and you can check them out yourself!


the Lawsons

     Meet Ashley, Zach, & little Isabelle. Zach has been stationed overseas as an army scout for some time and the little family made time in the short period they have back in the 4 state area to get some pictures done. Just in time for some awesome fall colors… love it!


The Norwoods

   What a beautiful evening for the park. Ashley & Clay’s adorable daughter Payton is very close to my own son’s age @ 19 months- and let me tell you, documenting this age with a camera is one of those hoops of fire you have to jump through to prove both your photographic skill and your athletic fitness. I feel like I passed the former but after much panting and huffing from chasing little Payton around, I became painfully aware of my failings in the second. Ah well, it’s the picture that matters… and the picture is always worth it. 🙂

    In other news, I think I’ve decided that if I should ever become famous and they’re looking back through my work someday, this time in my career will be referred back to as the ‘flare period’. I just can’t help myself when I see that sun peeking around the corner…

Nicky + Brian, Oct 9

     Nicky and Brian are one of those couples that I just feel like I’ve already been friends with forever. Their sheer genuineness, their love for each-other and their outstanding sense of humor was contagious this beautiful wedding day, and I am overjoyed to have been there. Thanks guys for being so easy to work with and so appreciative. Here’s the faves from the day.

baby Olivia

    I realize things have been a little quiet here on the blog lately… my apologies. (Sort of). Quiet on the blog doesn’t mean no shoots to show… it actually means too busy to show them. And I can’t be too sorry about that!

But I had to show off these newborn pictures of little Springfield, Missouri native Olivia from a week or two back… you’ll be seeing more of her in the next few months. Hooray for babies, awesome nurseries like this one, & ‘baby’s 1st year’ plans!