on the set of ‘blogger’

    Well here’s something a little different. A couple of my friends made a movie here awhile back- a competing short film in the ‘48 hour film project’ in Kansas City. Well… they won the competition. Best film, director, cinematography, music, etc. 

    so what was next? Make another movie, only for a bigger scale competition, aka the 2010 national film challenge. This time it was made here in Joplin MO, which meant I got to hang around the set (and yes, make a cameo as both a barfly and a body on a basement floor).

This whole experience also meant ME holding a reflector for someone else, which was both surreal and refreshing. And of course, I did take some shots of my own during production. 

     INFO: The film was helmed by the very talented Derek Hammeke & Colby Williams, & features ctress Shelley Keezer as the ‘star’ of the show, and my best friend Ryan Larson as the leading male. That’s not to mention the graphic talents of my office mate Matt Spiel for the credits, the outstanding music of formerly Joplin-based composer Tony Anderson, & the hard work of several others who labored over a mostly sleepless weekend to make this 7 minute thriller within a two day deadline.

     Here is a link to the movie itself, which I suggest you watch before looking through the pictures…


   And here’s some behind the scenes snaps of movie making magic. 

And then my very favorite… my own set up, a shot taken as more of a ‘poster’ image just for the heck of it.

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