Jon + Whitney (to be married)

       I am ecstatic to present these engagement pictures to you. #1, I am very happy with this batch given the incredible location & the fun nature of the subjects, and #2, mr Jon Hamilton is an old friend, and also my long standing, go-to technical consult when it comes to photography. It is so great to be there to capture his engagement and, next May, his marriage to the very lovely Whitney Stark. I got to (officially) meet Whitney the day of the shoot, and the two just make a great couple. 

      Jon picked the spot for these pictures, and he couldn’t have done a better job, especially when it came to the inside of an old silo here in Joplin. 

      Here’s the opening shot. What is this vulgarity, you ask? This is me… doing what I had to do to get out of the silo to get a piece of equipment, and being dumb enough to hand my camera to a subject who is, himself, a photographer. 

 Sorry you had to see this. It won’t happen again.

Now on to the real pictures… congrats to the couple on their recent engagement, and look out for wedding shots of these two next Spring!

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