Merry christmas

     Guys… it’s been a fantastic year. A new studio space, many new followers, and my faithful fans and clients are growing. The year is ending on a beautiful note… and the next year will start with any even better one for me personally as my little family adds one more. A little girl named Maggie June will be born by January 7th (or any day after christmas), so you will not be hearing from me until the beginning of february. If you need to contact me, feel free to leave me a message or e-mail me at and I will get back to you in the first week of february.

I look forward to new clients, to new work, and to growing as an artist and a business in 2011. Love you guys… and a very merry christmas to you all.

here’s a shot of my little one, mr Harry, to convey the christmas spirit properly…

Liburna & Burim

     Liburna & Burim are not your average Missourians. These very kind folks are actually from Europe, and since they’d never had professional photos taken as a couple, wanted some portraits with personality to represent them as a married couple (they tied the knot two years ago).

 I get very excited when people choose to have their portrait taken as a couple, not just out of tradition or because they are getting married, but simply to celebrate their relationship. I hope to work with many more couples in the coming years with the same idea and the same happiness & passion that Liburna & Burim have for each-other!

christmas in the studio…

     So I did the cheesy thing and had a ‘no-sitting-fee, christmas in the studio’ day, x-mas  tree scene and all. And you know what? It was pretty fun… especially with the awesome families with ridiculously cute kids that dropped by last weekend to take part. Here’s a couple of my faves from the day.