2010’s TOP 10

    Those of you that follow me on facebook (what? you’re not a fan on facebook? well hop on over here!) know that I’ve been having a ‘vote for the best of 2010’ contest going on… I put MY 100+ fave photos from the last year into 4 categories; couples, weddings, seniors, and families. I then let the fans vote for their top 2 picks from each album. 

    The votes ended yesterday; here’s the results, pulled together into one best-of-the-best (of my work, not of the photography world in general… I’m not that bigheaded…) mini-album.

     enjoy; 9art’s BEST of 2010!

My family

    I post a lot of pictures of other peoples’ families. Well, really that’s all I post. Truth is, I take more pictures of my own family than anything else.  So here they are… my family. Tiny Maggie (born less than a month ago), 2 year old big brother Harry, and amazing wife and mother Autumn.

Happy valentine’s day, all.


Liz & Anthony

     You know how they say sometimes inspiration is in your own backyard? Well when you can’t get out of your driveway, you really pay close attention to that quote. When I told Liz & Anthony I wasn’t sure I wanted to venture out yesterday in the snow, they came to me and we shot some pictures in the empty field behind my home. This very brave couple put up with some extreme cold and hiking through 2 feet of snow to get these shots. It was a fun day though and with all these snow pictures I’ve been getting, I’m almost sorry to see the stuff melt.


    These pics also serve as a reminder to those of you just getting into photography— don’t get too wrapped up in finding the perfect location. If you know what you’re doing, you can work nearly anywhere.

evgenia & sergey

       I have been out of the loop for over a month now. In case you haven’t heard, my wife Autumn and I now have a beautiful 3 week old girl… her name is Maggie June, and I’ll have some shots up of the little lady before you know it. 

        How do you feel about your work after not doing it a month? Mixed feelings. On one hand, I was eager to get back… fresh ideas, big plans, and some nice rest & family time under my belt. On the other hand, that much time away from the camera makes you feel a little ‘rusty’. 

       This was EXACTLY the kind of shoot I needed to get me back into gear. Evgenia & Sergey (Washington DC residents, originally from Russia) were amazing subjects…. kind, very fun, very willing to drop their guard for the camera and play around for me. Not to mention doing the shoot during a snowfall, which to be honest I’ve never done.

Sergey bravely shoveled across a field to get us to the perfect spot, and after we were finished in the snow we headed on over to instant karma for a downtown lunch. The fantastic big-city atmosphere there topped the day off perfectly.

Good times… and now I really feel like I’m BACK. Stay tuned, Joplin!