st patty’s day ::: PHOTOBOOTH!

    Joplin art walks are back! St Patrick’s day coincided with the first third thursday of the season, here in downtown joplin missouri. This made for an obvious theme for the photobooth, continued from last year’s third thursdays. Though this is the first time I actually called it a photooboth. 🙂

     The evening set an amazing tone for the rest of the year… outstanding turnout in the studio, great weather, some very fun pictures. Here’s a preview, with many more to be released on the facebook page next week.

(PS. We have no idea how the gnome got in here.)


dallas ::: senior 2011

      I love this shoot. Dallas was the perfect senior for me to ‘experiment’ with in the basement, elevator, & roof of the loft apartment of a friend of Dallas’ family. You can see me going crazy with the motion blur on the final shot. A little extra artsy for me.

Dallas really got into the shoot, playing the part of pro model while I had fun with the amazing settings that happen to be 1/2 a block from my studio (what are the odds?). See more on my facebook page… 

drew + amanda :: (soon to be married)

    I’ve known Drew for a bit through a shared passion for photography, and was ecstatic to be asked to shoot engagement pictures for he and his lovely fiancee Amanda. These two scoped out their own locations, one of which was actually a setting I’ve wanted to shoot in for awhile now… a laundromat.

As odd as it sounds, I think the laundromat is probably one of the most visually interesting locales you can lay your eyes on… hence my troubles narrowing down the pictures from this shoot. You can see more here. But for now, here’s the top few that I’m happiest with. I’m also happy to report that my first outing with my new 28″ softbox was a grand success. Soft, pretty light to balance my dramatic lighting style… makes me happy.

     Thanks to the couple for making this a beautiful collaboration. 🙂