renea & nate :: maternity

     I first met Renea last year, when I worked what is, so far, the most random job of my photographic career. Taking pictures of apartment complexes for a local management company (for whom Renea worked)… over 90 properties total, in every small town imaginable within a 4 hour radius of Joplin, MO. Renea was the lighthouse-over-a-phone during that crazy month or so, guiding me to where I needed to be every time I ended up in some sketchy spot in nowhere, midwest and realized my mapquest directions were totally off. 

     Now that I’m back to normal work… you know, taking pictures of people, not places- Renea is herself in front of the camera along with her hubby Nate, in eager anticipation of their little baby girl. It’s getting close!

    Renea and nate are both, simply put, awesome people… maybe I’m biased because of our shared love for spongebob, but these people are just really sweet and funny. My kinda people. Can’t wait to photograph their new addition when she comes along in a few weeks, and to keep coming back to spend time with this family over the course of the baby’s 1st year plan and beyond. 

baby olivia :: session 3

     I love the baby’s 1st year plan. It’s so fun to be able to work so closely with one family during that amazing first year. Everything happens so fast, and each time I come back, it’s like little Olivia is a whole new kid. Now she’s sitting up by herself and grinning like crazy. We stuck around the house again (seems to be limitless possibilities around the Eidsons’ lovely home) and ventured into the yard for a bit to work in some greeeeeeen grass… at this time a year, everything in nature just seems to burst with color.  (and yeah, ok, I might throw in another burst in lightroom…)

     Thanks to mom Sarah, dad Aaron & of course little Livvy for giving me an excuse to take some cute baby pictures; and also to make it up to springfield for an amazing latte at my favorite coffeeshop.

Kacie + Brian :: engagement, april 2011

       I have been looking forward this session for a bit. Kacie & Brian are New Jersey residents, and the kind of couple to encourage me to run with some of my crazy ideas. Some of those ideas were for spots right here in the studio parking lot, which seems to be in the process of being ripped apart while they re-do the sidewalks. We beat the crazy storm that rolled in Friday night… BARELY… the happiest part for me being that we missed the storm but I still got to incorporate that crazy dark sky. 

We booked it on over to club 609 afterwards; much, much thanks to the folks there for letting us invade the restaurant during dinner hour and snap some shots inside. 

Be looking for shots from Kacie & Brian’s wedding later this summer!!



    This post is directed toward those of you who live in or near the Joplin, Missouri area. Downtown Joplin’s third thursday/art walk event will fall on April 21st this year; we are more involved in this one than ever before. There are three separate things within the event we’d like to touch on, so here goes:                                                                                                                                                                                                     

                                                   #1: PHOTOBOOTH!

As usual, we will have a photobooth set up in the studio for anyone that wants to get their pictures taken for free. Theme will be easter (who woulda thunk?); some props will be provided, but feel free to bring your own if you’ve got cute easter outfits for the kiddos. Or if you’re not a kiddo and you happen to have some bunny ears you’re crazy about. You know. Just come.

Since I am not able to be in the studio this time around (more about that later), 9art is featuring guest photographer Allyson Neely, a friend and very talented photog who will be filling in for me during my absence this month. Feel free to bring your kids and pass the word on to your friends. Groups welcome. 🙂 

       Also, prints will be available for ordering once the pictures are up online.   And, there will be donuts from your friendly neighborhood Bennett’s donuts.                                                                                                                                                             

                                             #2: SPIVA ARTIST RECEPTION!                                                                                                                                                                                                       

9art is one of the photographers included in the george a. spiva center for the arts (also located downtown) newest exhibit: ‘the artistry of professional photographers’. The exhibit features images paired with the songs that inspired them. I will be there along with the other photographers, and really hope you’ll stop by to say hi…. it is an amazing display of work. Also featured at spiva- photospiva (works by winners of the national photo competition) and an exhibit by the one and only julie blackmon.

Most importantly (ok not really) is that you vote in the people’s choice contest for your favorite piece there. I mean we won’t pressure you on who to vote for, buuuuut… well, you know who to vote for… 🙂

You can’t miss what is at spiva right now; if you love photography, this is the best time all year to go.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

                                    #3: ART FEEDS GHANA ART AUCTION!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

We are donating something (it’s a surprise) to the art feeds ghana silent auction, which will be set up at JB’s piano bar from 5-8. Some awesome musicians performing and cool stuff being auctioned off from great artists… check out the details about the auction (which will be continued online) here, or find out about the amazing org. that IS art feeds here

       That’s all, folks. Be there or be square.

brandy + dustin :: april 8, 2011

     This is the quietest wedding I have ever photographed. No guests. No family. 5 minute ceremony. Location? Miami OK… ‘Laverne’s Wedding chapel’. Absolutely fantastic; the kind of old-fashioned chapel where you don’t make an appointment. You just go in, wait your turn, and BOOM you’re married! Enough about the chapel… I actually loved the place enough that I’m pretty sure you’re going to see a separate post devoted to it and the preacher that officiates there.

       The event was perfect for Brandy & Dustin, a sweet and very quiet couple themselves. In case you hadn’t heard about me being big and important enough to now have interns (it’s all a facade), well I do… and Lauren White was the first intern to tag along on a shoot. I was so happy to have her along; she ended up doing a whole lot more than lugging my light stand around when the bride needed help tying the dress, and of course when I left my camera bag behind. 🙂

     With such a short ceremony, we had time to head downtown and get some shots at the beautiful coleman theater. Awesome and very picturesque.

      With such an old-school feel to the whole day, I felt it only appropriate to release the preview pics in black and white. Thanks for listening to my rambling…

Ashley :: senior 2011

      I did senior pictures for Ashley Wilson’s sister Haily last year.. as a matter of fact, a couple of those shots are hanging up in the studio. So it was a lot of fun to work with this family again and to get to meet Ashley, who of course has a completely different personality from her sister. We took it to the park to snatch up those first bits of green making their way into the scene… I am really loving the ivy. 

      You’ll see one last Wilson sister when she becomes a senior in a couple more years… we’re not through yet!

rapha house 2011

   I have worked with the fine folks at rapha house a couple of times before, and was called back in to do a new set of pics for their most recent line of products (t-shirts, scarves, purses, bracelets, and of course, elephants…). Had the privilege of working with Biaka from hello destroyers, who has teamed up with Rapha to re-do their online store. Kept things simple with the brick walls inside the rapha doors and one strobe for light, making for a dramatic but clean set of catalog pictures.

   Included a quick portrait of Biaka that I snapped at the end of shoot along with a few more serious and a few even goofier pictures… stay tuned for a facebook release of his jumping shot. 🙂

   Last but not least, if you haven’t checked out rapha house before, please do now. Their team is doing so much to help out victims of trafficking internationally. Your attention toward their organization can help free girls from slavery.