baby olivia :: session 3

     I love the baby’s 1st year plan. It’s so fun to be able to work so closely with one family during that amazing first year. Everything happens so fast, and each time I come back, it’s like little Olivia is a whole new kid. Now she’s sitting up by herself and grinning like crazy. We stuck around the house again (seems to be limitless possibilities around the Eidsons’ lovely home) and ventured into the yard for a bit to work in some greeeeeeen grass… at this time a year, everything in nature just seems to burst with color.  (and yeah, ok, I might throw in another burst in lightroom…)

     Thanks to mom Sarah, dad Aaron & of course little Livvy for giving me an excuse to take some cute baby pictures; and also to make it up to springfield for an amazing latte at my favorite coffeeshop.

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