renea & nate :: maternity

     I first met Renea last year, when I worked what is, so far, the most random job of my photographic career. Taking pictures of apartment complexes for a local management company (for whom Renea worked)… over 90 properties total, in every small town imaginable within a 4 hour radius of Joplin, MO. Renea was the lighthouse-over-a-phone during that crazy month or so, guiding me to where I needed to be every time I ended up in some sketchy spot in nowhere, midwest and realized my mapquest directions were totally off. 

     Now that I’m back to normal work… you know, taking pictures of people, not places- Renea is herself in front of the camera along with her hubby Nate, in eager anticipation of their little baby girl. It’s getting close!

    Renea and nate are both, simply put, awesome people… maybe I’m biased because of our shared love for spongebob, but these people are just really sweet and funny. My kinda people. Can’t wait to photograph their new addition when she comes along in a few weeks, and to keep coming back to spend time with this family over the course of the baby’s 1st year plan and beyond. 

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