Jordan Howerton Band

      So this is my first band shoot. Ironic, since I pretty much shoot everyone as if they were a band anyway. You’re a two year old girl? No, you’re a band. Beautiful bride? Well your wedding party looks like a band. Ok, it’s not that bad, but seriously it’s really strange that I haven’t shot a band til’ now… this stuff is right up my alley.

     Jordan Howerton Band came to me this year about doing pictures for their new dirt road EP, as well as a few shots for their site & promotional materials… and I was pretty flattered by it. These guys are a very talented christian rock group, and I was humbled to see that my respect for their work is matched by their respect for mine.

    I do have to say that I have to save the best for last… that is, I can’t show you the whole shoot, since the shots used for the EP itself will need to be tucked away until the album is actually released. I’ll do a re-post at that time to let you take a look at those photographs as well as the rad album design by graphic designer austin eidson.

     So here’s part 1 with the one and only Jordan Howerton band… now spread the word. I take band pictures. 🙂

did some individual pics in studio…

More fun in the studio…. good thing I have a stool handy up there.

I can’t tell you how much I wish these couches were in my studio.

Side note. Sessions at 9art studio (sometimes) come with a complimentary reflexology lesson/sample from my downstairs neighbor Lavonna. 

These guys’ dedication to the shoot was really put to the test for this location. There was poop. There was vomit. There were taco bell wrappers. And still, they stayed so I could get this shot, and even smiled as if it didn’t smell like hell itself in there. Fellas… you are somethin’ else.

ending things with another behind-the-scenes from the first part of the day. Can’t wait to show you all the rest of these in another month or so!

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