Mrs. Jessie + Mr. Rudy !!

   Jessie & Rudy had the most gorgeous wedding on the most gorgeous day. (I’ll halt my  further use of the word ‘gorgeous’ lest my  masculinity be questioned). A breeze was a’blowin’, the sun was a’shining,  and the ceremony took place in a nice little gazebo. This beautiful little chapel/scenic area is unexpectedly found on the campus of Pitt State in pittbsurg, ks: tucked away behind the football stadium.

I, of course, had to get some shots near the stadium too even in spite of all the beautiful nature oriented scenery on the chapel grounds… always being a little weird. I just loved the pops of red and had a little bit of a vision in mind with how all the wedding party pics would look when put together later with these backgrounds. (imagine a layout like this in a wedding book)!

I also had a new camera, just in time for the wedding. Pretty sure I’m in love with it. All the images came out so crisp, even in super low light, and the focus of this camera is something to be reckoned with.

     The reception was just as beautiful as the ceremony and everything went smooth as can be. Congrats to this gorgeous (!) couple.

     See (much) more on facebook

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