Hello, Destroyers…

     Well what now, you ask? Maternity, then band, then wedding, then… t-shirt company? Yeah, work has been a little all-over-the-place lately. Hopefully this isn’t confusing as all get out, fans. Yes, my specialty is wedding + lifestyle, but hey, I’m allowed a commercial shoot every now and then, right? And this one was such a good time, I couldn’t NOT share it. 

    The company is Hello Destroyers, and if you like sweet t-shirts, the arts & good causes, you should know these guys. They’ve been based in Taiwan and are moving operations over to the good ol’ US of A. They make a point of teaming up with all different sorts of awesome artists (including, maybe, me…) and also of giving 10% of all profits to charities such as rapha house.

     Co-founder Biaka Z rounded up a ragtag team of local models and we hit the streets of downtown Joplin, grabbing shots in front of every random wall and alley we could find within a 2 block radius of the 9art studio. The ‘look’ of the urban alleys was perfectly matched to the crazy and creative t-shirts that the company has recently released, and the models couldn’t have done a better job infusing these shots with personality. 

     opening the sample set with a token behind the scenes shot. Those are usually my favorite. 🙂

someone is having too much fun to jump.

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