EF5:: chapter 1 (devastation)

      This is part 1 in an ongoing series that will cover the effects of the joplin tornado. This post contains pictures that deal specifically with the most obvious aspect; the destruction itself. I know you’ve already seen a million pictures that show the devastation caused on May 22nd, but it’s something you have to address as a photographer before you can go deeper; and I tried to focus (yes, literally…) on the surreal aspects.

One building untouched (and still in business); another torn apart right next to it.


some of the strangest sunrise landscapes now.

door with no home.

couch with no living room.

a tree is a makeshift flagpole/street sign…

positive messages left.

not so positive messages let. (and not too meaningful when there’s nothing to keep out OF anymore).

commercial & residential alike.

only a wall left.

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