EF5:: chapter 4 (photobooth messages)

    If you follow 9art on facebook, you’ve already seen these photos. For those that haven’t….

    Once a month, during downtown joplin’s ‘third thursday’ event, I host a free photobooth at the studio. I generally assign a goofy theme- mustaches, superheroes, etc- but this past month, I opted for something a bit more serious in light of the may tornado. The theme was simply ‘joplin’, & participants had the opportunity to write/draw whatever they wanted. For those that wondered, this is not MY brilliant idea. See it done much better by one of the modern masters of photography here.

    The response to these photos was actually pretty overwhelming; they have been widely circulated, re-posted by the city of Joplin online and some of them will be featured in Show Me Magazine’s upcoming book dedicated to Joplin & the tornado. See the whole batch on facebook.

     The next third thursday is tomorrow, and we’ll be back to the normal nonsense. Stay tuned for more posts in the EF5 series, and check out previous posts to catch up:

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Kim + Paul :: engaged

     I met up with Kim & Paul recently in downtown Joplin for a sweet, quiet engagement session. After Kim mentioned that the two liked wine and the look of downtown, I decided the perfect place to start would be the vinery, a cool little wine shop near 1st & main street.

Owner Michlle was very gracious about letting us get some shots, and while the couple sampled some wine, I grabbed a bottle of one of my favorite beers, a french canadian import called ‘maudite’. Absolutely delicious, but enough about my beer snobbery…

We wrapped things up in one of the local historic buildings- so much beautiful woodwork, old windows, and atmosphere, not to mention an outstanding rooftop view of downtown.

Sweat was endured on this toasty July day, but the laughs and pictures we got more than compensated for the temperature. Look out for Kim & Paul’s wedding in October!

Joe + Kara :: July 2, 2011

      I truly love the uniqueness of each new wedding I shoot. Each wedding has its’ own pace, its’ own feel, its’ own look. The retro style of Joe & Kara’s day was so fresh and fun to capture on this quiet summer day.

The ceremony took place in the old church on the premises of an entire village of (authentic) vintage buildings, cars & props moved in by an area collector in Carthage, Missouri. The look of the town was perfectly matched by Kara’s own choices in decoration- bright 50s colors (subtle variations of red white and blue), pinwheels, and an awesome vintage-style wedding dress.

Joe and Kara are just great people too. So sweet. Enjoy the shots and keep an eye on the 9art facebook page for a larger preview in the next week or two!

Groom’s idea to do a ‘getting to the church on time’ shot… fun.


Ben & Heidsha… sink your teeth into love.

     Someone just asked me if I’m ever afraid of running out of ideas. Well… yes. Sometimes I am. But every time that fear creeps up on me, I get clients like Ben & Heidsha, a couple whose creativity and passion sparks my own imagination.

Ben & Heidsha have a great spirit, especially considering Ben lost both his home and his job on May 22nd.

The couple had been excited about doing these photos for months, and when we met a week before the shoot, Ben told me they just didn’t have a lot of energy left over to be as creative as they had once planned for the shoot. This was quickly proved wrong after the ideas they generated.

     The first thought was simply genius to me… paper bags with the couple’s caricatures drawn on them. Self drawn caricatures, too. 

And the second idea was a little self contained series that played off of Heidsha being a dental hygienist. Her fiancee- a great actor throughout the shoot- is perfect as the less-than-cooperative patient.

Can’t get enough of this couple? Check the FB album for the romantic shots. I saved the crazy stuff for the blog. 🙂 

Nikki & Steve :: engagement

    Nikki & Steve get married in a week and a half. Cutting it a little close on engagement pictures, I know… but we got em’ in!  These two are a little crazy, but in the best way… can’t wait for the wedding.

     Did this shoot at NIGHT for a little something different… really been wanting to play more with lighting after dark. I’m pretty happy with the results, but can’t wait to do another nighttime shoot to experiment even more. Anybody want in on this? Call me!

Had to post this shot first, simply because the couple endured dozens of chigger bites to get it… we had no idea it was such a bug crazy spot until later. They’ve seen the shot though and told me it was worth it. Whew!

The couple have been recent regulars to the third thirsday photobooths downtown… happy to see a mustache shot made it to Steve’s i-phone!See the whole batch of mustache shots here.

EF5:: chapter 3 (still standing)

     I have been documenting the aftermath of the joplin tornado in several different ways. You can see what I’ve been up to in the posts so far:

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Today’s entry isn’t anything strikingly new… just some of the landscapes that make up our town now, highlighting the surreal nature of what remains.

people’s belongings still remain to be claimed on many lots.

the following two shots are great examples of the crazy ‘all that was left standing…’ examples you see around town now that houses are getting cleared and bits of structure remain.

as always… no matter how bad things look, people always find a way to create hope in the rubble.

(not so baby) Ava :: session 3

Baby Ava is no longer a baby. She’s a full fledged toddler these days, and she just gets a little cooler every time I see her. Been so fun to watch her grow up and get shots of her and her sweet mom Michelle.


and lastly, but not least… a reminder that sometimes, adorable children pick their noses. And if you want to ignore that as a photographer that’s ok… but I’m not the kind that can. Nose picking will always make it into the album when I’m shooting 🙂