Nikki & Steve :: engagement

    Nikki & Steve get married in a week and a half. Cutting it a little close on engagement pictures, I know… but we got em’ in!  These two are a little crazy, but in the best way… can’t wait for the wedding.

     Did this shoot at NIGHT for a little something different… really been wanting to play more with lighting after dark. I’m pretty happy with the results, but can’t wait to do another nighttime shoot to experiment even more. Anybody want in on this? Call me!

Had to post this shot first, simply because the couple endured dozens of chigger bites to get it… we had no idea it was such a bug crazy spot until later. They’ve seen the shot though and told me it was worth it. Whew!

The couple have been recent regulars to the third thirsday photobooths downtown… happy to see a mustache shot made it to Steve’s i-phone!See the whole batch of mustache shots here.

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