Ben & Heidsha… sink your teeth into love.

     Someone just asked me if I’m ever afraid of running out of ideas. Well… yes. Sometimes I am. But every time that fear creeps up on me, I get clients like Ben & Heidsha, a couple whose creativity and passion sparks my own imagination.

Ben & Heidsha have a great spirit, especially considering Ben lost both his home and his job on May 22nd.

The couple had been excited about doing these photos for months, and when we met a week before the shoot, Ben told me they just didn’t have a lot of energy left over to be as creative as they had once planned for the shoot. This was quickly proved wrong after the ideas they generated.

     The first thought was simply genius to me… paper bags with the couple’s caricatures drawn on them. Self drawn caricatures, too. 

And the second idea was a little self contained series that played off of Heidsha being a dental hygienist. Her fiancee- a great actor throughout the shoot- is perfect as the less-than-cooperative patient.

Can’t get enough of this couple? Check the FB album for the romantic shots. I saved the crazy stuff for the blog. 🙂 

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