Kim + Paul :: engaged

     I met up with Kim & Paul recently in downtown Joplin for a sweet, quiet engagement session. After Kim mentioned that the two liked wine and the look of downtown, I decided the perfect place to start would be the vinery, a cool little wine shop near 1st & main street.

Owner Michlle was very gracious about letting us get some shots, and while the couple sampled some wine, I grabbed a bottle of one of my favorite beers, a french canadian import called ‘maudite’. Absolutely delicious, but enough about my beer snobbery…

We wrapped things up in one of the local historic buildings- so much beautiful woodwork, old windows, and atmosphere, not to mention an outstanding rooftop view of downtown.

Sweat was endured on this toasty July day, but the laughs and pictures we got more than compensated for the temperature. Look out for Kim & Paul’s wedding in October!

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