EF5:: chapter 4 (photobooth messages)

    If you follow 9art on facebook, you’ve already seen these photos. For those that haven’t….

    Once a month, during downtown joplin’s ‘third thursday’ event, I host a free photobooth at the studio. I generally assign a goofy theme- mustaches, superheroes, etc- but this past month, I opted for something a bit more serious in light of the may tornado. The theme was simply ‘joplin’, & participants had the opportunity to write/draw whatever they wanted. For those that wondered, this is not MY brilliant idea. See it done much better by one of the modern masters of photography here.

    The response to these photos was actually pretty overwhelming; they have been widely circulated, re-posted by the city of Joplin online and some of them will be featured in Show Me Magazine’s upcoming book dedicated to Joplin & the tornado. See the whole batch on facebook.

     The next third thursday is tomorrow, and we’ll be back to the normal nonsense. Stay tuned for more posts in the EF5 series, and check out previous posts to catch up:

EF5 :: part 3

EF5 :: part 2

EF5 :: part 1

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