baby Eleanor ::: session 2

     The baby’s 1st year plan is just a heck of a lot of fun. Having 2 tiny kiddos of my own, I know how fast they grow right in front of me… but with clients participating in the plan, it’s almost like I’m meeting a new baby every time I come back for a session. 

     Eleanor is sitting up, crawling, and showing off her new teeth. She has an awesome nursery and it was pretty stinking hot outside, so we hung out in her room for the majority of the shoot. Those 100+ degree days sure will inspire you to be more creative indoors…. 🙂

summer senior :: Hailey!

    It’s a little toasty to be sure… but not too warm to get a head start on those senior pictures. Hailey, a Maimi OK resident, joined me for a fun session here in Joplin one evening last week. She was a natural to be sure… plenty of poses up her sleeve and a gaze that wasn’t a bit intimidated by the camera. Happy to share the shots we got during that good ol’ ‘magic hour’ right before sunset. 

EF5:: chapter 5 (messages in the rubble)

      Been awhile since I’ve updated the series… there are plenty of new shots, I have just found myself sinking back into a crazy schedule of business as usual. For the most part, that’s a good thing. 🙂

 One thing I wanted to touch on, in covering the aftermath of the storm and this towns’ reaction to it, is messages that have been left. Some positive, some bitter, there have been so many different responses to the storm,  left behind in physical form for others to find. 

Here’s what I found…










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